• foto: Nicușor Comănescu

    NFIU ROU members donated blood in the „Donez din dragoste de țară” (I donate out of Love for Country) Campaign

    Date published: 11/08/2016
    The Campaign was launched by the Ministry of National Defense in honor of Theater of Operations Veterans’ Day. Its purpose is to increase the reserves from the Sanguine Transfusion Centers with the help of military donors but also to draw attention to the importance of donating blood. Several NATO Force Integration Unit personnel donated blood alongside the Romanian Land Forces...(mai mult)
  • foto: Dodoiu Emanuel

    NCIA - connecting the Alliance

    Date published: 10/20/2016
    On 20th October 2016, NCIA-NATO Communications and Information Agency general manager, Major General (retired) Koen Gijsbers was received at NFIU ROU headquarters by the structure’s commander, colonel Cătălin Ticulescu. The primary mission of this agency is to strengthen the Alliance by connecting its forces, offering communications and informational systems, as well as safe, coherent, efficient and interoperable services to support...(mai mult)
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    NFIU’s present and future in NATO

    Date published: 11/04/2016
    On 4th of November 2016, during an official visit in Romania, the Deputy Commander of Headquarters Multinational Corps North-East (HQ MNCNE) from Szczecin, Poland, Brigadier General Krzysztof Król, was welcomed at NFIU ROU by the unit’s commander, Colonel Cătălin Ticulescu. Given the fact that HQ MNCNE manages six NFIU structures, with clear directives from NATO, this structure was also assigned...(mai mult)
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    Allied Land Command Commander and the South-Eastern flanc security of the Alliance

    Date published: 10/19/2016
    On Wednesday, 19 October 2016, Allied Land Command Commander (COM LANDCOM), Lieutenant General Darryl A. Williams conducted an official visit at the Romanian Land Forces Headquarters, being received by Major General Dumitru Scarlat. Here, they held a presentation of the Land Forces Headquarters’ structures, the Multinational Division South-East Headquarters and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania. After this activity, Lieutenant General...(mai mult)
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    Cooperation between NATO allies- 1st CANADIAN DIVISION and NFIU Romania

    Date published: 10/07/2016
    Monday, 3rd of October 2016, NFIU ROU received the visit of MG Omer LAVOIE, Commander, 1st CAN DIV HQ, a fully deployable unit, trained to lead military operations, having under command all the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The Canadian HQ is the main decision point in regards to implementing into action all the orders issued by the Canadian Joint Operations...(mai mult)