• foto: Andrei Gândac

    MND-SE HQ and NFIU ROU Commanders participated in the "Evolving Threat Assessment Constant Mission" conference

    Date published: 10/03/2016
    The Multinational Division South-East HQ Commander, Brigadier General Uifăleanu Ovidiu, and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania Commander, Colonel Ticulescu Cătălin participated in the "Evolving Threat Assessment Constant Mission" conference, organized by the Romanian Aspen Institute in partnership with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, between 22-23 september 2016. The common purpose of the Romanian Aspen Institute and the NATO Public Diplomacy...(mai mult)
  • foto: Dodoiu Emanuel

    MNJHQ Ulm Commander visits NFIU Headquarters in Bucharest

    Date published: 08/08/2016
    On Wednesday, 30 August 2016, the commander of the Multinational Joint Headquarters located in Ulm, Germany- Mutinatoinales Kommando Operative Fuhrung, lieutenant general Richard ROSSMANTH, conducted a documentation visit at the NFIU Romania Headquarters. The German delegation was received by the NFIU ROU Commander, colonel Cătălin TICULESCU, who presented the distinguished guests the important aspects regarding the NATO Force Integration Unit...(mai mult)
  • foto: Nicușor Comănescu

    SEEBRIG Commander’s Visit

    Date published: 05/31/2016
    On 31 May 2016, South East Europe Brigade Commander (SEEBRIG), Brigadier General Numan Yediyildiz, visited the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) HQ in Bucharest. During the visit, the NFIU commander, colonel Ticulescu Cătălin, made a short presentation of the mission and role of this HQ within NATO, as part of the NATO Force Structure, as well as the operalization stage...(mai mult)
  • foto: Valentin Ciobîrcă

    Dacian Lynx 16 Exercise opening ceremony

    Date published: 05/05/2016
    The Dacian Lynx 16 Exercise opening ceremony took place on 05.05.2016, at the Multinational Division South-East Headquarters in Bucharest. Military personnel from both MND-SE and NFIU Romania were present at the ceremony. The Dacian Lynx Exercise 2016 is a CAX (computer assisted exercise) that will take place with the purpose of demonstrating the MND-SE ability to coordinate NFIU Bulgaria and...(mai mult)
  • foto: Adi Popa

    The Republic of Poland’s Land Forces Inspector visits NFIU ROU HQ

    Date published: 04/13/2016
    NATO Force Integration Unit Commander, colonel Cătălin Ticulescu, met Wednesday, 13 April 2016, with the Republic of Poland’s Land Forces Inspector, major general Leszek Surawski, and with Land Forces Chief of Staff, major general Dumitru Scarlat. General Leszek Surawski, along with the Republic of Poland’s delegation visited the NFIU multinational headquarters and discussed with the personnel assigned to this structure...(mai mult)