Deputy commander

Lieutenant Colonel Luis Manuel JIMÉNEZ MELERO

LTC Luis Manuel Jiménez Melero graduated the Spanish Officers Military College in 1988 after 5 years of military education.

His first assignment was as Paratroops Platoon Lieutenant Commander at the 1st Paratroopers Battalion “Roger de Flor”, from 1988 through 1992, when he was promoted to Captain. During this period, he participated in various multinational operations and airborne exercises as the “Iberia” and “Galia” airborne series both in France and Spain (1989), ‘Dragon Hammer” exercise (1990) in Sardinia (Italy), and the “Provide Comfort” Operation in Northern Iraq (1991).

From 1992 through 1994 Captain Jiménez Melero attended a two-year Russian Language course as a student at the Spain’s Joint School of Foreign Languages.

Being still a Captain, he was assigned to the 3rd Tank Battalion “Leon”, 61st Armored Infantry Regiment of the 12th Armored Infantry Brigade. During that time he passed through some positions as AS-3 Ops Officer, Armored Support Company Commander, and AS-4 Logistics Officer, to complete his company command period.

In 1997, Captain Jiménez Melero became a member of the Spanish Unit of Verification as Operations Officer, where he served for a 10-year period, during which he became an expert in Arms Control and Verification treaties and CSBM agreements. Captain Jiménez Melero, and later as Major, took part in numerous inspection and escort missions in the territory of former Soviet Union countries, participated in international meetings, courses, workshops, and seminars both like attendant and as a speaker, within the NATO and the OSCE frameworks. During that period he was appointed in 1999 as Monitor/Observer to the OSCE Mission to Georgia, based in Tbilisi; in 2000 Major Jiménez Melero was a member of two experts groups both in Chechnya and Moldova (TransDniestr); and from August 2005 through March 2006, he became a member of the European Union Aceh Monitoring Mission (EUAMM) in Northern Sumatra (Indonesia) as Chief Ops at the Banda Aceh District Office.

From 2007 through 2010, LTC Jiménez Melero was assigned to the NATO Deployable Corps Greece (Thessaloniki) as Chief of Intel Plans, and subsequently changing his position as Chief of Intel Production.

At the end of his Greek tour, Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez Melero was posted at the Spanish Army International Logistics Organizations Liaison Office, becoming the head of the Foreign Military Sales (USA) department, Army representative before the German Leopard family Logistics Cooperative (Kooplog), and the “Patriot” support NSPA partnership (Luxembourg).

In 2013, Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez Melero commenced a second tour at the Spanish Unit of Verification as Chief Operations. Throughout the first semester of 2016, LTC Jiménez Melero was posted at the NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre (Molesworth, UK) to cover a voluntary national contribution position.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez Melero is married to Yolanda and they are parents of 2 young boys.

As of January 2017 he has assumed the Deputy Commander position at NFIU RO, located in Bucharest, Romania.