Dacian Lynx 16 Exercise opening ceremony

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The Dacian Lynx 16 Exercise opening ceremony took place on 05.05.2016, at the Multinational Division South-East Headquarters in Bucharest. Military personnel from both MND-SE and NFIU Romania were present at the ceremony.
The Dacian Lynx Exercise 2016 is a CAX (computer assisted exercise) that will take place with the purpose of demonstrating the MND-SE ability to coordinate NFIU Bulgaria and Romania’s HQs. NFIU ROU will practice NATO forces reception, stationing and movement process planning and facilitating procedures on national territory. The exercise will be conducted in three locations: the MND-SE and NFIU ROU HQs in Bucharest, as well as NFIU BGR HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the exercise, 250 military personnel from 11 NATO member countries will participate.