Highlights from the NFIU Romania 5th Anniversary ceremony

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"I’m privileged to have here representatives from 12 countries, all contributing with their best efforts for the common path of the unit. From Lisbon to Berlin, from Madrid to Warsaw, from Washington to Athens, from London to Tirana, from Budapest to Ankara, from Sofia to Bucharest … each and every one of you serve your countries, but here in NFIU ROU, all of you also serve our common ideal in support of a greater good.
That is why we are so special, that is why our Unit is so strong. It is an honour to serve with you under the flag of NFIU Romania. I thank you all for your dedication and support and I wish you all the best!
Suntem NATO! We are NATO! Parati sumus ad integrare!
" NFIU Romania commander LTC Sorin-Gheorghe Șoană.