Change of command at NFIU Romania

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Bucharest, Romania. On June 24, 2019, a hand-over take-over (HOTO) ceremony took place at NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU). The ceremony took place in the presence of Major General Daniel PETRESCU, the Commander of Multinational Division South-East Headquarters (HQ MND-SE).

Lieutenant-colonel Marius CHIRIŢĂ handed over the command of NFIU ROU to Lieutenant-colonel Sorin ŞOANĂ. In the speech that followed the HOTO ceremony, Major General PETRESCU expressed his gratitude towards Lieutenant-colonel CHIRIŢĂ for the way he led the NFIU ROU during the re-certification of the unit, as well as his appreciation for the professionalism with which the NFIU staff fulfilled all the tasks and missions so far.

Lieutenant-colonel ȘOANĂ worked before in the Operations Directorate of the HQ MND-SE, being one of the founding fathers of this HQ. He holds a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Philosophy and a Masters degree in Security Studies. He graduated military courses in Fort Benning and Quantico, USA, as well as in Rome, ITA. He was deployed in Kosovo (one tour) and Afghanistan (three tours).

”When I worked in HQ MND-SE, I had the opportunity to closely observe the transformation of NFIU ROU since its infancy. I was very impressed by the significant evolution of this new and complex HQ. I’m very eager to start work here. It is an honor for me to be appointed as Commander of this HQ”, said lieutenant-colonel ȘOANĂ in his inaugural speech.