Visit from German Deputy Chief of Defence (DCHOD) at NFIU ROU

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Bucharest, Romania. On June 21, 2019, an informative visit was held at the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU ROU) during an official visit to Romania of Vice-Admiral Joachim RÜHLE, Deputy Chief of Defense of Germany.

Vice-Admiral RÜHLE has shown a real interest in the role and mission of the Headquarters, the cooperation with the Host Nation, and the future plans of NFIU ROU. Our Commander highlighted the accomplishments of the Unit in regards to the relations with the Host Nation, the training, the exercises and the involvement in making the Alliance's objectives known in Romania.

“Your work is of utmost importance for NATO and the region. I wish this young NATO entity all the best!”, wrote the Vice-Admiral in the Book of Honor of the NFIU ROU before he continued his official visit in Romania.