Legal Advisors Seminar

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Bucharest, Romania. NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Romania hosted Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, a meeting with legal advisors from NATO and HN. The meeting’s purpose was to present general information about the legal support service LAWFAS– Legal Advisors Worktop Functional Area System.

The meeting was conducted by Mr. José Maria Da Silva Miguel from the Allied Command Operations Office of Legal Affairs in Mons, Belgium and captain Viorel-Cristian Calin, the NFIU Romania legal advisor.

The seminar’s purpose consisted in delivering information about the advantages of using LAWFAS service, its technical-juridical potential, accessing and implementation methods, being addressed to international personnel and legal advisors from ROU Armed Forces and central structures of ROU Ministry of Defense.

LAWFAS service is a tool that can be used by legal advisor of the NATO countries, but also personnel from seven NATO partners’ states. LAWFAS was developed for delivering special support for military and civil personnel in fulfilling the specific tasks. It represents an efficient resource, being dynamic and comprehensive, due to the intense activity of the administrative team in updating and corroborating legal spectrum information.