Increasing the visibility of movements on Romanian territory

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Bucharest, Romania. Romanian Host Nation movement representatives accepted the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Romania’s invitation to attend the “Romanian Territory Movement Visibility Working Group”. The meeting was held at the NFIU Romania Headquarters, on 14 November 2018.

Participants included Host Nation representatives: Defence Staff Logistics Directorate, National Military Command Centre (Nucleus), Joint Force Command, National Movement Coordination Centre, Romanian Air Force, Romanian Navy, and staff members from NFIU Romania.

The purpose of this working group was to bring together, face-to-face, all of the stakeholders involved in increasing the in-transit visibility and information sharing of national and NATO air, land, and sea movements. Discussions centred on how best to collect, analyse, and disseminate this information to allow national and NATO senior leaders the ability to view and monitor key infrastructure nodes and lines of communications. Secure communication networks interoperability, and exchange of liaison officers between key headquarters, and a common understanding of NATO and Host Nation mission requirements were discussed with achievement milestones planned well into next year.

The Deputy Commander of NFIU, CDR Ozores, expressed his gratitude for all the attendees’ presence and stressed out the importance of close collaboration between national and NATO entities.

All participants agreed that information sharing is critical for national and NATO entities in order to achieve and maintain freedom of movement across Romania and throughout NATO’s south-eastern flank.