German delegation paid a visit to NFIU HQs

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Bucharest, Romania. On August 29th, 2018, a German delegation paid an informative visit to NATO Force Integration Unit Romania to learn more about the role of the Headquarters and to get first-hand impression about the work of the German officer serving within NFIU.

The delegation's visit was part of a larger tour through the South-Eastern flank of NATO to get more information about the structures in which Germany is currently contributing with staff. The two German officers started their day at NFIU with an office call. Here NFIU leadership discussed a variety of topics. The German delegation was especially interested in future developments of NFIU and how the German Air Force could continue to support this process. Colonel Bader, the senior officer from the delegation, said that he was impressed about the importance of NFIU’s unique role within the Alliance and underlined the value of this HQS permanent presence for NATO in Romania.

The delegation came from the German National Support Element (DEU NSE), stationed in Naples, Italy, within the Joint Force Command Naples HQS (JFCNP). The DEU NSE is providing support to all German staff in the South Eastern flank of NATO.
Germany is committed to NATO by contributing to headquarters, among others, based in the South-Eastern flank (Multinational Division South-East HQ, NFIU Romania, NFIU Bulgaria) with experienced officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Warrant Officers.

Despite a busy schedule, the two officers visiting NFIU took the opportunity to also visit Bucharest. They were impressed about the charm of Eastern Europe’s “Little Paris” and the size of the “The Parliament Palace”, the second largest government building in the world.