NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey Chief of Staff visits NFIU ROU HQ

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Bucharest, Romania. Today, 13.03.2018, at the NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU), NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey (NRDC-T) Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Özkan ULUTAȘ, was received by NFIU ROU Deputy Commander, Commander Juan OZORES MASSÓ.
The main focus of this meeting was interoperability and the role of NFIU ROU in future exercises that also involve the NRDC-T.
NRDC-T, as a High Readiness Force (Land) HQ, is to be trained and prepared at high level of readiness to deploy, on NATO orders, to an area of operation designated by Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) to conduct Combined and Joint military operations:
•as a Corps HQ,
•as a Land Component Command HQ,
•as a NFS JHQ to command Small Joint Operation (SJO) Land,
•and as an HQ being capable to support a NCS JHQ in command of Major Joint Operation (MJO), or to augment ongoing operations.
All missions have the goal to support Crisis Management Operations or to sustain extant operations.
After the introductions, the NRDC-T COS was briefed by the NFIU staff on the mission and status of the HQ. The second part of the briefing focused on the multinational exercise Noble Jump 2017, the role of NFIU ROU as part of NOJP17, as well as the lessons identified during the planning and execution phases.
The involvement of NFIU ROU in multinational exercises was of particular interest to BGEN ULUTAȘ. „Your task is not easy and your performance was great, looking back at what you did so far”, the NRDC-T COS mentioned during the discussions that followed the briefing.
The visit concluded with an honorary gift exchange between the structures as well as the signing of the Honour Book by BGEN ULUTAȘ.