Bundeswehr Command and Staff College delegation visit NFIU ROU HQ

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Bucharest, Romania. Today, 01.03.2018, NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU) received the delegation from the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College of Hamburg, Germany. The delegation was led by Rear Admiral Karsten SCHNEIDER, the Deputy Commander and Director of Training and Education at the Military Academy of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany. The purpose of the visit was to inform the delegation regarding the role and mission of NFIU ROU.

During the briefing, the NFIU staff firstly presented the role and mission of the NFIU ROU as part of the Assurance Measures, as well as information regarding the functioning of the structure, challenges faced so far and the way ahead.

The second part of the briefing tackled the Noble Jump 2017 (NOJP17) multinational exercise. NOJP17 was the most ample exercise that involved the efforts of NFIU ROU in 2017. As part of this topic, the staff presented how NFIU ROU contributed during the exercise and discussed the most important lessons they identified during Noble Jump 2017. Lastly, Lieutenant Colonel Michael SCHOCK, an officer of the NFIU ROU from the German Air Force, presented to his fellow countrymen his perspective as a German officer, in a multinational headquarters, on Romanian territory.

During the questions and answers session that followed the briefing, the discussion focused on the lessons identified during NOJP17, as well as on the nature of the challenges that NFIU ROU has identified on Romanian territory.

Following the questions and answers session, the delegation members offered the NFIU ROU Commander a token of appreciation for the hospitality with which they were received within the structure. Upon receiving it, the NFIU Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Emil BOBOCEA, mentioned that Germany is an important collaborator for NFIU ROU and that the members of the Bundeswehr University are always welcome at this headquarters.

At the end of the visit, Rear Admiral Karsten SCHNEIDER stated that the visit at NFIU ROU was very useful because, not long before coming to NFIU ROU, they had the opportunity to visit the Ministry of Defence, where they received the strategic level perspective and now, coming to NFIU ROU, they were able to get a view of how things happen at the tactical level, and how the processes are connected to one another.

The visit concluded with a group photo of the delegation and the signing of the NFIU ROU Honour Book by Rear Admiral Karsten SCHNEIDER.