Change of Command at NFIU Romania

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“It was the greatest challenge in my entire military career, but also the greatest honour, as I was the first commander of the first NATO Headquarters in Romania. We started to build this new type of NATO Headquarters in 2015 based on a vision, a team and a plan.” This statement was made by Colonel Cătălin Ticulescu during the NATO Force Integration Unit Romania Change of Command Ceremony. The ceremony took place on 24 August 2017 in the presence of the Multinational Division South-East Headquarters Commander, Brigadier General Daniel Petrescu.
Colonel Cătălin Ticulescu ended his tour at NFIU Romania after over two years and can take pride in the fact that he successfully accomplished all the objectives he had set. The NFIU Romania Headquarters is the first NATO HQ created on Romanian territory. The decision was taken at the NATO Summit in Wales in September 2014, when the Readiness Action Plan was approved. Under his command and alongside the Host Nation, NFIU Romania reached Initial Capability in January 2016 and Final Capability during the Warsaw NATO Summit, in July 2016. Together with the NFIU Romania multinational team, Colonel Ticulescu set the framework for the Host Nation coordination and cooperation procedures, which were tested and validated during the largest NATO exercise in Romania to date, Noble Jump 2017.
In his speech at the ceremony, the Multinational Division South-East HQ Commander, Brigadier General Daniel Petrescu, saluted Colonel Ticulescu’s efforts and involvement in creating a solid foundation for the NFIU and developing a multinational team, capable to accomplish the mission that NATO entrusted to this headquarters. The MND-SE Commander wished Colonel Ticulescu all the best in his new position as Commander of the “Getica” Joint National Training Center.
Colonel Ticulescu handed the command of NFIU Romania over to Lieutenant Colonel Emil Bobocea. The latter was previously the J4 – Logistics Branch Head within the same Headquarters. His experience includes deployments in Afghanistan (2007) and Central African Republic (2007-2009) and a tour at Supeme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium (2013-2016). “We are prepared and set to continue what we have already started: to support the Host Nation.”, Lieutenant Colonel Bobocea stated in his speech.