New NFIU Romania Deputy Commander

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NFIU ROU personnel gathered for a special event: the Hand Over/Take Over ceremony for the DCOM (Deputy Commander) position in our HQ.
On Thursday, 27 July 2017, NFIU ROU HQ marked the transfer of responsibilities between Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Luis Manuel JIMENEZ MELERO (Spanish Army) and his replacement, Commander (CDR) Juan OZORES MASSO (Spanish Navy).
LTC JIMENEZ MELERO finished his mission with us, as Deputy Commander. We would like to thank him for his personal involvement and dedication to our success!
“For Romanians, I keep Romania in my heart. It is a great country and its people are great!” said LTC Luis Manuel JIMENEZ MELERO in front of the NFIU team.
Starting with 1st August 2017,  CDR Juan OZORES MASSO will take over officially the DCOM position in NFIU ROU HQ, for a period of 3 years . It is not an easy task but we will succeed no matter the mission, with   our multinational and multicultural team, as it stands as a true example for continuous cooperation between Allied members.