Chief of Staff of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corp visits NFIU Romania

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On 8 June 2017, the Chief of Staff of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corp (COS ARRC), Major General Will BRAMBLE, visited NFIU Romania (NFIU ROU). Given that this was the first NFIU that he visited, the engagement’s purpose was to learn more about the functioning of NFIU structures as well as the manner in which NFIU ROU tackled the RSOM (reception, staging and onward movement) during exercise Noble Jump 2017.
The NFIU ROU personnel briefed Major General BRAMBLE on the functioning of NFIU ROU. Specifically, they presented the features that are common among all NFIUs, as well as what aspects are specific to NFIU Romania in its relationship with the Host Nation. The briefing continued with information regarding exercise Noble Jump 2017, where they talked about the current situation, the challenges the structure faced so far and the lessons they learned from these experiences.
The discussions continued with a focus on the lessons learned during the exercise thus far, and possible solutions were presented for each of the issues raised. Major General Bramble was particularly interested in the lessons learned at NFIU ROU level that can be applied to all structures of this type, in order to increase the efficiency of the Alliance in future endeavours.
During the discussions, Major General BRAMBLE stated that he was impressed by the fact that NFIU ROU managed to successfully deal with the complexity involving the deployment of a multitude of nations on Romanian territory and that, from his point of view, NFIU ROU did a very good job.
The visit concluded with Major General Bramble signing in the NFIU ROU honour book.