Exercise Noble Jump 2017 – NFIU Romania and Enabling Command/ARRC HQ

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1st June 2017, as Noble Jump17 (NOJP17) started to receive convoys on Romanian territory, NFIU ROU received the visit of  BGEN Torsten GERSDORF, the Commander of the Enabling Command, HQ ARRC (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps).
The concept of the ARRC was initiated by the NATO Defence Planning Committee in May 1991. The concept called for the creation of Rapid Reaction Forces to meet the requirements of future challenges within the Alliance. As stated, HQ ARRC, as a High Readiness Force (Land) HQ, is prepared to deploy under NATO, EU or coalition auspices to a designated area, to undertake combined and joint operations across the operational spectrum. The Enabling Command HQ ARRC conducts a similar function to the JLSG (Joint Logistic Support Group), which translates as the logistic arm of HQ ARRC.
This year HQ ARRC, as the command of the land component of NATO’s Response Force, is having UK’s 20th Armoured Brigade in lead for NOJP17 exercise.
This visit provided the opportunity for NFIU ROU and Enabling Command HQ ARRC to have an overarching overview of the RSOM (reception, staging and onward movement) process as the exercise develops. During the briefing, discussions with NFIU ROU personnel provided new ways that can enable faster and more efficient coordination for the deployment of the VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force).
At the end of the meeting, the overall picture envisioned for NOJP17 and NFIU ROU, is that all TCNs (Troop Contributing Nations) and Host Nations (HNs) can cooperate for the common goal: facilitate the RSOM of NATO troops.