NOBLE JUMP 2017 (NOJP17) Exercise!

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Q: What is NOJP17?
A: Noble Jump 17 is a multinational exercise that involves the deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), led by Joint Force Command Naples (JFCNP). The exercise tests the VJTF capabilities by deploying them on the South – Eastern flank of the Alliance, in Romania.

Q: Who is participating in the exercise and when and where will it take place?
A: The exercise involves approximately 5000 troops and 500 technical assets from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Romania and the United States of America. It will take place between 26 May and 16 June 2017, it commences in the home bases/countries where the troops are stationed and continues with their deployment on Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian territories respectively. The majority of the troops will arrive to Romania by air and the heavy equipment will arrive by sea and land, the final destination being the Joint National Training Centre (JNTC) in Cincu, Brașov. Once deployment is complete, these troops will train together with the Romanian Armed Forces.

Q: What is NFIU Romania’s role in NOJP17?
A: The role of NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU) is to facilitate the deployment of the Very High Joint Readiness Task Force from the NATO Response Force, from their home bases to Romania. NFIU ROU, alongside the Host Nation (HN), will identify the logistics and transportation needs of the Allied Forces in order to enable them to deploy as quickly as possible.
Q: Why is NOJP17 important?
A: NOJP17 tests the rapid deployment procedures of the VJTF, and thus contributes to improving NATO’s capacity to rapidly respond to any challenge. The mission of the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization is to ensure peace and stability for all the citizens of the member states.
For Romania, NOJP17 is the first exercise in which VJTF are deployed on her territory and which involves two NATO structures created in 2015, the Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU). As part of this effort, NFIU ROU will apply and test the troop reception, staging and onward moving (RSOM) procedures. Additionally, they will test their ability to liaise and coordinate with Romania as a HN, as well as with HQ MND-SE. This exercise is an opportunity to collect observations from the participants and transform them into lessons learned that improve NFIU ROU internal procedures, so that they may ensure NATO forces can deploy rapidly.