NFIU - Connecting Romania with NATO’s Response Force (NRF)

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In support of interacting first hand with the key elements of NFS (NATO Force Structure), the NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps Italy (NRDC-ITA) commander, Lieutenant General Roberto PERETTI, had an official visit at the NATO Force Integration Unit Romania. Welcomed by the HQ’s commander, Colonel Cătălin TICULESCU, the general was briefed by NFIU personnel on the overall capabilities and main functions of the Romanian NFIU, when liaising with NATO troops. During the visit, the key points were set on cooperation, sharing ideas and best practices between the two HQs.
The main focus of this HQ for next year, as mentioned by the fact that in 2018 NRDC-ITA will deliver the LCC (Land Component Command) for the NRF, is to get in touch with the NFIUs.
NRDC-ITA was established by the Italian Ministry of Defence as part of the 1999 Washington Summit outcomes where NATO military authorities agreed on the principles and parameters of a ‘new’ NATO Force Structure (NFS). The HQs is a key player on the European security picture of the Alliance. In 2015, NRDC-ITA moved from operating solely at the tactical level to the operational level, being validated as a Joint HQ so adding an additional capability to its structure and procedures. Additionally, this HQ is able to plan and execute high-intensity military operations as well as Crisis Response Operations, cooperating with a large number of non-military actors/entities fully implementing NATO Comprehensive Approach concept.