Strength in cooperation

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NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey (NRDC-T) Chief of Staff (COS), Brigadier General Recep ÖZDEMİR, had an office call with the NFIU ROU Commander, Colonel Cătălin TICULESCU.

The main focus of this meeting, as mentioned by the guest, was the way ahead in “how we can cooperate in the future”.
NRDC-T, as a High Readiness Force(Land) HQ, is to be trained and prepared at high level of readiness to deploy, on NATO orders, to an area of operation designated by SACEUR to conduct Combined and Joint military operations:
•as a Corps HQ,
•as a Land Component Command HQ,
•as a NFS JHQ to command Small Joint Operation (SJO) Land,
•and as an HQ being capable to support a NCS JHQ in command of Major Joint Operation (MJO),or to augment ongoing operations.

All missions have the goal to support Crisis Management Operations or to sustain extant operations.

After the introductions, the NRDC-T COS was briefed by the NFIU staff on the mission and status of the HQ. This discussion offered the opportunity to highlight   common objectives for the NATO structures upon which we, as an HQ, can have a positive impact.

Because we are a part of the big NATO family and always there is something we can learn from others, BG ÖZDEMİR mentioned three important qualities for an HQ:
knowledge and motivation, good personality and communication skills. 

At the end, the focus was set on cooperation, flexibility, NATO exercises, lessons learned, education and training, sharing calendars, all contributing to the way in which NRDC-T can “find a way to connect to NFIU”, thus increasing the strength of the Alliance on the South-Eastern flank.