NFIU ROU members donated blood in the „Donez din dragoste de țară” (I donate out of Love for Country) Campaign

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The Campaign was launched by the Ministry of National Defense in honor of Theater of Operations Veterans’ Day. Its purpose is to increase the reserves from the Sanguine Transfusion Centers with the help of military donors but also to draw attention to the importance of donating blood.
Several NATO Force Integration Unit personnel donated blood alongside the Romanian Land Forces military personnel. Lieutenant Colonel JL Maté, the Deputy Commander of NFIU Romania, was one of the donors and saluted the initiative. Additionally, he mentioned that he was always a blood donor in his native country and strongly encourages both military and civilians to do the same because these actions can save lives.
Lieutenant Colonel Jose Luis MATÉ SANCHEZ is the NFIU Romania Deputy Commander since January 2016. The Spanish officer has experience in both the Theaters of Operations (Balkans and Afghanistan) and other multinational NATO Headquarters. He is one of the first officers from an Allied Nation posted in a multinational headquarters in Romania created after the Wales NATO Summit (2014). That is when the Readiness Action Plan was approved as a NATO response to the changes in the security environment and due to the threats from the East and South. The mission of the headquarters is to facilitate rapid deployment of NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and to support the Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) in Romania. The personnel manning the HQ originates from 12 different NATO Allied Nations.