NCIA - connecting the Alliance

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On 20th October 2016, NCIA-NATO Communications and Information Agency general manager, Major General (retired) Koen Gijsbers was received at NFIU ROU headquarters by the structure’s commander, colonel Cătălin Ticulescu.
The primary mission of this agency is to strengthen the Alliance by connecting its forces, offering communications and informational systems, as well as safe, coherent, efficient and interoperable services to support consultations, ensure command and control, and to provide efficient information, reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities for NATO, when and where they are necessary. This includes IT support for the common activity support processes of the allies (to include providing shared IT services), for the NATO General Headquarters, the command structures and NATO agencies.
After holding an informational briefing regarding CIS (Computer Information Systems), discussions with the personnel took place, followed by the signing of the NFIU ROU honor book and an official photo.
The conclusion of the NCIA manager during the visit was that „while we have all these technologies at our disposal, the human resource still remains the most important for NFIU ROU and for the Alliance as well”.