NFIU’s present and future in NATO

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On 4th of November 2016, during an official visit in Romania, the Deputy Commander of Headquarters Multinational Corps North-East (HQ MNCNE) from Szczecin, Poland, Brigadier General Krzysztof Król, was welcomed at NFIU ROU by the unit’s commander, Colonel Cătălin Ticulescu.
Given the fact that HQ MNCNE manages six NFIU structures, with clear directives from NATO, this structure was also assigned the task of managing the security on the entire North-Eastern flanc of the Alliance.
During the NFIU ROU structure presentation, several common and current issues regarding the structures were brought into discussion. The dialogue with the present personnel highlighted the challenges, the missions and the steps already taken by the new NATO entities, as well as the solutions they found, the level of cooperation with various organisations and the security challenges of the future.
A particularly strong emphasis was made with regards to cooperation and interoperability. Without those two, the NFIU structures would not have existed, their mission being constantly supported through a permanent connection with the Host Nation (HN) and all other local and European administrative structures. One of the ideas strongly stressed was to ensure that the public properly understood the meaning behind the NFIU, the mission and the purpose for which they were created, because “reality is full of surprises and we must be very flexible”.
The conclusion of the meeting regarded the future of the NFIU structures, which are clear proof of NATO’s commitment towards their Allies, also having the purpose to “ensure a correct picture of NATO’s security” and of being the military link with the HN.