MND-SE HQ and NFIU ROU Commanders participated in the "Evolving Threat Assessment Constant Mission" conference

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The Multinational Division South-East HQ Commander, Brigadier General Uifăleanu Ovidiu, and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania Commander, Colonel Ticulescu Cătălin participated in the "Evolving Threat Assessment Constant Mission" conference, organized by the Romanian Aspen Institute in partnership with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, between 22-23 september 2016.

The common purpose of the Romanian Aspen Institute and the NATO Public Diplomacy Division is to capitalize the relevance of Romania in the region, as well as its role as contributor to a more thorough dialogue on complex security themes of the Alliance. Among those are the exploration and proper communication towards the general public of concepts such as collective security, strategic assurance, deterrence, territorial defense as well as the role of anti-aircraft defense in allied security. In the current regional and global security contexts, an adequate understanding of those themes by the deciding factors as well as the general public, with support from experts and relevant leaders, is of critical importance. Such an understanding is that much more relevant in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Sea regions. Romania has hosted one of the first land based facilities of the United States Navy for several decades, and is now host to one of the 8 NATO Force Integration Units, as well as a multinational division headquarters.

The commanders of the two NATO structures, MND-SE HQ and NFIU ROU, have participated in discussions regarding NATO’s eastern flank security, collective defense, NATO’s deterrence posture and the way in which the Alliance adapts to the new regional security environment, taking into account the measures taken during the Warsaw Summit in 2016.