SEEBRIG Commander’s Visit

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On 31 May 2016, South East Europe Brigade Commander (SEEBRIG), Brigadier General Numan Yediyildiz, visited the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) HQ in Bucharest. During the visit, the NFIU commander, colonel Ticulescu Cătălin, made a short presentation of the mission and role of this HQ within NATO, as part of the NATO Force Structure, as well as the operalization stage of the NFIU. The South East Europe Brigade was created and activated on 31 August 1999 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The current structure consists of approximately 5000 military personnel that can participate in missions led by NATO or the EU with UN or OSCE mandate. The SEEBRIG HQ is currently located in Tyrnavos-Larissa, Greece. At the end of his visit, the SEEBRIG commander signed the honor book of NFIU.